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Google returns to the road to success with powerful and affordable Nexus  

In 2012 Google launched what would be one of the most popular to date Android, not because sell millions, but that was the beginning of the trend to offer good hardware for the lowest possible price; but in 2014 Google bucked the trend. This is the story of how they want to remedy, returning to its roots with the new generation of Nexus smartphones.Samsung Galaxy s6 coverSamsung Galaxy s6 cover
Because the Nexus 4 was not the first Nexus, but when he arrived in 2012 cost just $ 299, which was a big surprise in a world that for years a mobile back high-end means, or yes, at least about $ 700. The "N4" maybe was not up to the iPhone or the Galaxy S at the time, but they came close, close enough to make us consider the price to buy this and not opt for any other Android.Samsung Galaxy note 5 cover
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