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Nexus 5X vs. iPhone 6s: Good and cheap or expensive and classy?

Google vs. Apple, the new Nexus 5X and the Apple iPhone 6s goes the Clash of the Titans in the next round. Can the recently commercially available iPhone 6s, withstand the comparison with the new small Nexus 5X? We venture a data comparison between the Nexus and the iPhone 5X 6s.Samsung Galaxy tab e cover


Apple iPhone 6s was presented at the Autumn keynote on September 9, 2015 along with the iPhone 6s Plus and other Apple devices and services. Available the new compact iPhone 6s since 25 September 2015. Apple is typically the price of the iPhone 6s are very high. The 16 GB version of the iPhone will cost 6s proud 739 euro and reached its peak in the 128 GB version with a proud 959 euros.
The Nexus 5 of 2015 will be significantly cheaper. The idea of ​​small Nexus 5X is expected on September 29, 2015 together with the Nexus and Android 6.0 6P marshmallow and availability via the Google Play Store is as done already in the last year, two weeks later. Here, the Nexus 5X will be available in three colors and two memory sizes. Priced the Nexus 5X will be located at 400 euros below the iPhone 6s.

The Nexus 5X is how even the Nexus 5 will be produced from 2013 by LG. The South Koreans will not deviate when new Nexus 5X as the main material of plastic. The back is a matte plastic finish come along, how it was already used by the Nexus. 5 But there will be changes in the design, because it is integrated on the one hand, the fingerprint sensor on the back and on the other hand the well-known from the LG G4 Laser autofocus system will adorn the Nexus 5X. Samsung Galaxy S6 case
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