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A video showing the iPhone disassembly reveals answers 6s battery and RAM

If there was still any doubt about the battery or RAM inside the new iPhone 6s that we have just around the corner, a video of the people of iFixit, usual in these matters, reveals this information.Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus case

In the video the complete disassembly of the iPhone shown 6s showing and confirming what was rumored at first. That RAM is 2GB, double the iPhone 6 and the slightly smaller than its predecessor battery.

More in depth we can confirm that the RAM will be incredibly fast, in the case of Samsung LPDDR4 modules. In the case of the battery will be of 1,715 mAh.

We can see other aspects of the video iFixit, as the assembly and components of the new 3D Touch Screen, the new screen. Also Taptic engine, the Touch ID who say it is faster, in addition to the new cameras, both front and rear. An observation about the set is that the new iPhone is heavier 6s.Samsung Galaxy s6 cover
publié le lundi 28 septembre à 04:53

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