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iPhone 6s: Hardware costs only $ 234

A breakdown of costs of the hardware of the iPhone 6s provides information on the prices of items. The components of the 64-GB version are equivalent to only $ 234 to book.
Already in previous breakdowns of iPhone components one came at the cost amazed, when iPhone 6s is no different. Our colleagues at Business Insider report an estimate of the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch subsidiary.

This is based on a total price of 234 dollars for all components of the 64 GB version of the smartphone that strikes in the United States with $ 749 to book.

But as a private person could screw together an iPhone from the individual parts as low as Apple itself with the appropriate expertise, as the company receives a lot of discount from suppliers.

Here are the prices of the main iPhone-6s components at a glance. The fast A9 processor is $ 25 a bargain, even cheaper is the 64 GB memory, are due for the 20 dollars. Similarly, a lot of cost, the sensors (22 dollars), more expensive, however, is the wireless technology (36 dollars).

Other amounts are, inter alia, monitor, camera and battery (73 dollars) in addition to the housing (33 dollars) out. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge cover
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