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Today comes 9 to iPhone and iOS brings to users new to Android

Apple meets every year at this time the cycle of renewal of its iconic smartphone, the iPhone. Along the coveted smartphone the company updated the operating system that brings the computer, iOS. This platform is also present in the iPad, and iPod models. Samsung Galaxy Tab E case

Last September 9 Apple introduced a new iPhone, 6S, along with an updated Apple TV and 12-inch iPad, dubbed iPad Pro. Among many ads edition the company went slightly over the details of the launch of iOS in September , the latest edition of the popular operating system.

Today iOS 9 will be available for all users with compatible devices. Who also own one of the new Apple Watch watches see updates. But what brings this new version? Is it advisable to upgrade? Not only are many new products but Apple has even developed an application for Android users. What is it about?
publié le jeudi 17 septembre à 03:49

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