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Nexus 6P boxer he comes in the same category as the Galaxy S6 edge + S or Mate?


The Nexus has just welcome the alluring Nexus 6P within it. A smartphone with 5.7-inch high-end features that encroaches directly on the flowerbeds few phablettes of this size are the Galaxy S6 + Edge, Moto X Style and to a lesser extent the Huawei Mate S or OnePlus 2. Here is a first comparative Nexus 6P with its competitors.Samsung Galaxy note 5 cover

Why compare the Nexus 6P with four other devices? Because phablettes 5.7 inches really are not legion in France. Samsung has decided not to market the Galaxy Note 5 in our regions, only the Galaxy S6 + edge has such a diagonal borders. The Moto X Style also has a diagonal of 5.7 inches, but its data sheet is slightly recessed. Finally, Mate and OnePlus S 2, two 5.5-inch smartphones are present here for the first because it is the flagship of Huawei - the same manufacturer as the Nexus 6P - and the second because he wants Samsung Galaxy tab e cover
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