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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pin problem: Read the manual!

Hardly is Samsung's new flagship phablet started in some countries in the sale, since there is already the first scandal: Who pushes around the S-Pen wrong in its slot, risking to destroy the technology. Samsung's dry reaction is unlikely to help especially those affected. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge protector case

One of the salient features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is to be supplied Operation stylus, the S-Pen. For the fifth generation of the Stylus Koreans have filed also on the ejection mechanism of the integrated into the housing slot, it snaps over a short pressure on the blunt end recently automatically from the phablet out. But Samsung has apparently underestimated its customers, because over a fairly simple - can route the slot and the technology to destroy it - and for some perhaps obvious: If the S-Pen upside plugged into the slot, which in previous models alone the dimensions of the pen ago was not possible, he may become stuck unexpectedly.
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