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Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge Vs Nexus 6: new speed test opening of the app, the same management of RAM

Yet compared to the latest flagship of Samsung after the recent opening speed test applications that has seen protagonist Galaxy Note 5. This time challengers Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and Nexus 6, through a new test very similar to the above, that It has given rise to a situation practically already seen from the point of view of management of the background applications and optimization of the RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge, exactly as per Note 5, suffers practically the same problems. Despite 4GB of RAM, a faster memory and a faster processor, switching between applications already running in the background is done more slowly than a more "old" Nexus 6, for the same "problems" of management of RAM found in most of the past Samsung devices.

With at least four or five open app, Galaxy S6 + Edge loses a few seconds compared to Nexus 6 in subsequent reopening the background, causing in some cases a "backflow" of the app itself, with load times longer and use more data.

The differences in load times vary from a fraction of a second in applications such as Twitter, to several seconds in applications like Yelp, Uber, and Chrome. Such a thing is clearly detrimental to the overall user experience, even leading to an incorrect display of the application.

A problem that continues to recur constantly, some tied to some sort of power-saving function. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge cover
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