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More pictures of the new Sony flagship surfaced

Sony Xperia Z-series is when it comes after the rumors chefs, supplied at the upcoming IFA in Berlin in early September with new models. To date, a trio emerged, of which the smallest branch, the Xperia Z5 Compact and also the largest offshoot, the Xperia are already surfaced Z5 Plus on images. Now images of a dummy of the flagship Xperia Z5 have surfaced that show the smartphone from all sides. Samsung accessories

Such a dummy is probably not the final design of the smartphone is, but should be the same with this for the most part. Released were the images at nowhereelse, a French art magazine. When you first look at the mobile phone shown falling on very quickly that Sony remains true to the design and did not make any profound changes thereto. Nevertheless, at least two abnormalities are observed: On the one hand seems Sony from the round power button departing, on the other hand, the Japanese build probably in this generation not yet on the USB Type-C port.

Not much can be seen from the pictures of the surfaces, especially the back and the frame. The Xperia Z5 puts in a clear shell and are thus only limited surface textures price. The technical data, however, are, if you believe the rumors, already certain: a Snapdragon 810 to fuel the cars and is supported by 3 or 4 GB of RAM. For this purpose, it will probably be a 5 inch display with Full HD resolution and a 21-megapixel camera of their own home. As a battery is a real giant is expected. With 4,500 mAh he should surpass the current flagships of competition from Samsung, Apple and LG far.
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