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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy lowers the S6 and S6 Edge for $ 100 and $ 200  

If you considered purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge this is the best time to do so since the operator T-Mobile decreased its prices by $ 100 and $ 200. Motivated to different operators in the UK they began to do what was said earlier in the week.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge 16GB without contracts decreased in price by $ 100 each and are available now for US $ 579 and US $ 679 respectively. Besides T-Mobile also it dropped the price to 128GB versions at $ 200 each. That makes 128GB versions have the same price 64GB version, still offering no apparent reason. Nor is it clear whether it will be a temporary or permanent reduction.

No other operator in the United States has changed but the price was the same Samsung who announced this cut during the presentation of their tax figures on 30 July. On that date it was known that the sales of Samsung mobile devices fell 7.3% for the period.
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