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ALREADY SOLL the Samsung Galaxy S6 become cheaper

Price reductions to drive sales - this standard recipe out of mothballs in business administration now also brings forth Samsung. The number banter from the quarterly report, we save you time now. The fact is that profits and sales of mobile arm against back. Particularly problematic are the entry-level devices. So Samsung has earned good money, but now Huawei and Xiaomi jostling to market and take market share away Samsung. <a href="http://www.casesam.co.uk/">casesam</a>

And then there's the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Samsung has here simply miscalculated and less edge devices built than were demanded. This is regrettable, that buyers have then probably partially adopted by the idea of ​​buying an Edge and elsewhere queries.

As the saying goes: A price adjustment is to judge it. Say: The Galaxy S6 devices should be cheaper. Of course there will also be new, cheap smartphones again, but probably it will partially leave the field to competitors from China.
publié le lundi 03 août à 09:10

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