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The New Samsung Galaxy S5 / Neo is available

Samsung has finally launched the upgraded version of Galaxy S5 with us. Seen in several European stores in recent months, it brings a new chipset and a webcam better defined. Samsung Galaxy s6 cover

The Galaxy S5 had many regrets after its launch. The fault, above all, its design often deemed at odds with its premium positioning. A year and half later, things have changed. The Galaxy S6 pushed former flagship to the mid-range segment, where it is a much better proposition. And Samsung has even decided to further improve a bit the recipe with a new version recently available.

The Galaxy S5 Neo arrives in France

It's been a little while since we had it in the viewfinder and we could not wait to see him coming home. This is the famous Galaxy S5 Neo, we does not always find the same name. This is the case at Fnac for example but not in the Samsung store, where it is presented as the new Galaxy S5 nor in GrosBill where the ending was changed to Value Edition. The simplest is still to rely on the model number if specified: SM-G903F.

New chipset and better defined webcam

You should also be able to recognize the new Galaxy S5 to its chipset, an octa-core Exynos 7480 1.6GHz. It is simply the only current smartphone to integrate and so this is the main difference with the 2014 model, but not the only one. There is also the webcam, the resolution increases to 5 megapixels. The rest does not change: Super AMOLED 5.1 inch Full HD, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of expandable internal memory, camera 16 and battery 2800 mAh.casesam.co.uk
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The HTC One A9 unveils photo

The HTC One A9 is again at the center of the debate. Indeed, it has just been caught by a Dutch shop. The latter has even published on the canvas images of the terminal.Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus case

HTC will unveil the One A9 on 20 October. But until that great moment, this smartphone positioned on the high-end continues to attract attention. A trend that should even be amplified in the coming days. Proof is now a source has just informed us that he made a recent appearance in the Dutch magazine Centralpoint the same shop to which we owe many leaks of the past, including the LG and HTC One G4C M9 + . What seems also interesting is the fact that this visual leak of HTC One A9 was accompanied by a revelation on its price.Samsung Galaxy note 5 case
To always believe in the same report, the HTC One A9 would be proposed to 584 euros excluding VAT or 700 euros. Centralpoint said it expected to post a slightly lower rate than the One M9, which is marketed by the reseller to 768 euros. If you want even have ideas on its price compared to other smartphones of the company, note that the One M8 is currently offered at around 470 euros. Moreover, apart from this, the publication of some photos of the HTC One A9 allowed us to gain insight on the design of the beast. For this, it must be said that this phone will really upscale with a design that is similar to that of the iPhone 6.
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Final version of Android 6 "Marshmallow" is now available for Nexus  

If you do not want to wait for the automatic update, you can now directly download the latest version of Android "Marshmallow" from the web to the Nexus 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Player.Samsung Galaxy S6 cover

Marshmallow Android is ready and available for download. You can download the official version now, and installed directly on your Nexus 5, 6, 7 device (Wi-Fi and LTE models, only 2013), 9, and Player.

Click to jump to our tutorial on how to install Android on your Nexus Marshmallow.

But instead, if you think it is very intimidating install Android Marshmallow for yourself, you can always expect the direct update of google. However, it may take a few days to weeks before Google send you the update on the network. So calm and have some patience if you want to install it by yourself (or just if you want to delete all data on your device).Samsung Galaxy S6 edge cover

The impact on you: That is why people prefer other Nexus on Android devices; They are the first to get the latest version of the operating system Google just shipped. Instead, manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Motorola and otroas must adapt their software masks before adapting their Android devices, which can take longer, sometimes even months, to get the latest version of Android.
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Android 6.0 Marshmallow only for LG G3 and G4?  

Google has confirmed at its event on September 29, that it should be rolled out for existing Nexus 5, 6, 7 and 9, as well as the player of the week of 5 October. However, it was not entirely sure that this is really a question of the update to Android 6.0. The rest of Nexus owners have to wait for a wider release. For this, one needs the appropriate Factory image that Google offers on its servers to download, and some experience with the installation of such updates. To make a backup, so is recommended.Samsung Galaxy s6 case

With the update to Android marshmallow are the two top models, in addition to a few new design elements that get missed some new features.

LG itself has not yet formally ruled on that smartphones and tablets of the manufacturer an update can be obtained on Android 6.0 marshmallow. LG on the other hand could intentionally hide Android 5.1.1 to prepare its devices to Android 6.0.

Already with Android LG Lollipop was the G3 of the first major manufacturers, which distributed the big update to customers. Users any devices that wish yet marshmallow for your device must act begnüngen with custom ROMs - the best known is probably the CyanogenMod. That should also be the case today.Casesam
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No Galaxy Note 5 for Europe! What at first may sound shocking, is only consistent basically. Instead of Note 5 for this comes the Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgePlus to us. In any case the better choice? We have the S6 EdgePlus in the test.Samsung Galaxy s6 edge case
Instead of Note 5 Samsung brings the S6 EdgePlus in Germany on the market. As the name suggests, the S6 EdgePlus is a drilled version of the critically acclaimed by the press Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

The most striking difference: The S6 EdgePlus has become significantly larger. Other differences are found more in detail, which is why it is worthwhile to read our detailed review for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The differences to note 5, apart from the rounded edges of the display and the missing stylus rather low.Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus case
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Nexus 6P boxer he comes in the same category as the Galaxy S6 edge + S or Mate?


The Nexus has just welcome the alluring Nexus 6P within it. A smartphone with 5.7-inch high-end features that encroaches directly on the flowerbeds few phablettes of this size are the Galaxy S6 + Edge, Moto X Style and to a lesser extent the Huawei Mate S or OnePlus 2. Here is a first comparative Nexus 6P with its competitors.Samsung Galaxy note 5 cover

Why compare the Nexus 6P with four other devices? Because phablettes 5.7 inches really are not legion in France. Samsung has decided not to market the Galaxy Note 5 in our regions, only the Galaxy S6 + edge has such a diagonal borders. The Moto X Style also has a diagonal of 5.7 inches, but its data sheet is slightly recessed. Finally, Mate and OnePlus S 2, two 5.5-inch smartphones are present here for the first because it is the flagship of Huawei - the same manufacturer as the Nexus 6P - and the second because he wants Samsung Galaxy tab e cover
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